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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Uni - mini update

Hope everyone is good out there....

Final year of uni is soo hard, its actually a madness and a half, but NO giving up, thankfully, got some good friends around me that are always motivating me as well,

I spoke to one of my old managers the other day, hes doing so brilliant in his job, just chatting to me gave me inspiration to do some work,

I was also encouraged by a another old manager @ uni to run for a Sabbatical Officer role @ the union. A sabbatical officer is a full-time officer elected by the members of a students' union (or similar body such as students' association, Students' Representative Council or guild of students), commonly at a higher education establishment such as a university. Sabbatical officers are usually trustees of their students' union, in its capacity as a charity, and may also sit on or form the board of directors of the union (from Wiki)

So the next couple of weeks will be very very interesting for me to be honest, hopefully everything goes well, and I am able to task management correctly (I dont call it time management).

Check out this video,

EVERY time I am feeling down I watch it then I get uplifted....

and if your interested about the Sabbatical role check out the link here

till next time..!