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Sunday, 3 January 2010

I think its time I take a vacation from the internet.

see you on the other side...

my friends who take these vacations always tell me its the best so

hopefully all these books i've half read and brought and have been given I will finish via this vacation

And I will get work done uni/social/family

Take Care Guys !


I will probs be watching a lot of Celebrity Big Brother !! during the break

I will 100% be back ! (when celebrity Big Bro is done)

This will be a good chance to see how determined I am !!

Avatar - is it Racist ?

Sooooo I went to watch Avatar with a friend and his bro yesterday tis good catching up with people,

I went to watch it @ the Odeon Leicester Square 3D and everything Rear Circle (best seats in the house)

We walked out of the movie chatting about it all the way to the underground ! I was loving the movie but some think in the back of my head kept kicking me saying some think was not correct with the movie !

So on my facebook Status i wrote "AVATAR vs 2012 <<<<>The blue people do look black
> All the blue people are voiced by black actors
> rituals mimiced african tribes
> and so on.....

So like a good uni student i did some research of cause the first place was google...So i googled ! and soooo many links came up ! i read most of them ! most people agreed with my friend from FB !

here are some of the links >

I was happy to see Will Heaven (serious blogger/writer) had wrote about it because I am a fan of the telegraph newspaper and Ive read some of his stuff ! which I personally find impressive ! so here is his article (Hopefully I dont get sued or nothing for copying and pasting this) I am gonna twitter him and hopefully it will be ok !!

"Avatar was a spectacle, I’ll grant you that. The film’s 230-million-dollar budget guaranteed extravagant and often beautiful 3D special effects. But as I left the cinema last night, I couldn’t help questioning the weird mind behind it all. Was it James Cameron’s intention to be so nauseatingly patronising? And how could the famously Left-wing director have failed to pick up on his film’s racist subtext?

I won’t spoil the plot, but here’s the basic set-up: a group of mercenary humans have colonised a faraway planet, called Pandora, in order to extract an enormously valuable mineral found there. Pandora’s “natives” – a race of tall, blue-skinned aliens called the Na’vi – live on an area of land which is set to be mined. They won’t relocate, so the humans attack.

But the Na’vi aren’t your average extra-terrestrials. Blue skin aside, they’re essentially a childish pastiche of the “ethnic”, with recognisably human features. They wear Maasai-style necklaces and beaded jewellery which Cameron has borrowed from tribal East Africa. Their long, dark hair is dreadlocked. Their clothes are apparently Amerindian. They are armed with bows and poisoned arrows, and wear facepaint into battle. The main Na’vi characters are voiced by four black actors: Zoë Saldaña, C. C. H. Pounder, Laz Alonso and Peter Mensah; as well as one Cherokee, Wes Studi. The evil humans, needless to say, are white, male and middle-aged.
James Cameron has been very open about the politics behind Avatar. It’s about how “greed and imperialism tend to destroy the environment,” he said in a recent interview. “It’s a way of looking back on ourselves from this other world.”

If we look at his version of our planet, however, the view is overwhelmingly repellent. Pandora is to Cameron what Africa was to Joseph Conrad – it’s another, fictional ‘Heart of Darkness’, a place where a cruel imperial power subjects what is (perhaps unwittingly) depicted as a lesser race. Chinua Achebe, Conrad’s fiercest critic, wrote that “Heart of Darkness projects the image of Africa as ‘the other world,’ the antithesis of Europe and therefore of civilization, a place where man’s vaunted intelligence and refinement are finally mocked by triumphant bestiality.” Almost the exact same could be said of Avatar.

Take, for example, the relationship between the ethnic Na’vi and the animals which inhabit Pandora. Every interaction between them involves an act of quasi-consummation. The “natives” attach a spindly appendage to whatever raging animal they are trying to tame, resulting in a short struggle followed by an almost post-coital quiet. In another scene, one of the Na’vi is warned not to play with the same appendage or, he is told, “you’ll go blind.” The hint is heavy enough – it’s the same “triumphant bestiality” which Achebe criticised in Heart of Darkness.
By far the most contemptible theme in Avatar involves the hero, a young disabled American called Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington. Before the humans declare war on the Na’vi, Sully is sent to them (in the form of a blue-skinned avatar) in a last ditch attempt to find a diplomatic solution. But, lo and behold, he becomes one of them – sympathising so much with their plight that he decides to lead them into battle against the humans.

As Left-wing conceits go, this one surely tops all the others: the ethnic Na’vi, the film suggests, need the white man to save them because, as a less developed race, they lack the intelligence and fortitude to overcome their adversaries by themselves. The poor helpless natives, in other words, must rely on the principled white man to lead them out of danger.

Yuck. And there I was, thinking this sort of patronising world-view was dying out. But plainly it lives on in Hollywood. Avatar is artistic evidence of the ugly mindset which underlies so much of Left-wing thinking today: the belief that only the superior Western liberal is fit to lead the world into a better future. Other than a whole lot of style, this is all Cameron’s film has to offer – so I make that 230 million dollars wasted."

Sooo Avatar if you haven't seen it I will go see it and make your own views !

take care !

"I am starting work back up soon" should be fun !

Former KKK Leader is now the Minister of a Black Church!

-Forgiveness is also the Catchphrase for 2010 !

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Oh Yes....

tis 2010 ! happy New Year !

All I did was went to the church ! and I enjoyed myself !!

Success is the Catchphrase for 2010!

120 Years of National Geographic on a 160GB hard drive - every single issue since 1888.

This will be kind of cool to have !

Friday, 1 January 2010

{"InveVisuals"} MEDIA

If you know me you should know I like supporting indie brands/products

My friend (Ive known him for more than half of my life) posted his {"InveVisuals"} MEDIA link on my wall (facebook) and I had a look @ it and I fort to my self, there is some real good videos on the link, the videos come form a different angle not like the normal mcing/rapping videos

here is the link more sure you do click and support up and coming talent !!