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Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Streets - Everything is borrowed / MJ Bday ...

everything is borrowed

The Video is alright i guest but i want some old skool Mike Skinner ... somethink like original pirate material or a grand dont come for free days.


Just found out from my friends @ Soul Proxies its MJ' Bday !

These are my best MJ tunes

whats your fav MJ tune
I know everyone has one ??

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

***Teaser Trailer***

looks well good i have not read this book i stopped reading the harry potter books after

Friday, 29 August 2008

Politics : Barack Obama's Speech

I tried to stay up last night to watch His Speech on bbc 2 but i was knocked out

No matter race, colour or religion you have to respect this man...He is doing aLot

I think from this point on i will be very interested to see what happens as the weeks go on

Voting starts on Nov 4th near my Bday woop woop 

will be very interesting to see how thing pan out !

Some New Tees

Their hitting the Hideout store 2morrow one or two of my mates are gonna go hopefully they see this post and they could buy me one and i will pay them back Lol :D

Also the New Barack Obama tee is out my mate purchased it yesterday and wore it to the Skream Album Launch Party everyone was looking @ him Lol *good times*

ps...i tried to find an image of the Obama tee but i could not find one : (

***UPDATE ***

it comes in white as well notice it does not have hope / progress on

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Common Ft. Pharrell - Announcement Video

I'am feeling Common's swagger on this tune sounds fresh to me
Minimalistic video's / music is the way fwd

Skream - Album Launch Party To day !!!!

i cant waitttttttttttttt Lol

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

TrapStar x Grenade Exhibition...

Sorry Guys / Ladys I dont Know why the text changes half way down : (

So last week some time me Kev Rob and my sis Asiima all went to the Trap Star Event @ Grenade Gallery Down Ladbroke Grove

Ive been interested about Trap Star since i saw them on that Dunk XXIII Be True on youtube
check out the video

I was thinking their any pretentious
guys who wore star war's masks because they think their Big
Back to the story
On the way there Kev was telling me how it was going to be (everyone would know each other and all that clicky really)

We waited for Asiima running on Ladys time Lol outside the
Ladbroke Grove station we clocked a few guys going to the event because of the way the were dressed lol we meet Trap Star Hy-fi cuzzi outside he was a cool guy..

So we get there see say 8 people Bloggers / scenesters standing out side the Gallery we got there kind of early it was not open we just stayed out side for a while till it was open.
when it was open i went in and looked @ some of the art i was shocked they were all real good

then a few mins later they placed more frames up but it had some of the trap star tees nice looking ones

food was there and some juice as well...

after wards everyone just chilled and talked really
Kev saw his mate The Candy Store guy
i didnt catch his name from up North sides he was a safe guy !

i got chatting to Trap Star's Maveric for a while hes a safe guy i was gonna ask him why they wore the star war mask's but i fort forget to...After i spoke to Trap Star's Hy-fi he's a joker

when we were out side it started to rain everyone went inside then we fort lets just we went !!

we said buy to Asiima then us guys just went sports cafe down piccadilly circus for a few drinks

Here are some photo's of the day Big Up Rob on the photos !!


Me i Know i Know i need a Hair Cut !!


I WIN !! lOl

All in all it was a cool day really some pretentious guys but not all of the people there were. Good turn out really.

After going to this event any bad ideas i had about the Trap Star Guys have been taken away !
I think i may need to purchase a Trap Star Tee soon....

Remember there is a Star With In Everyone

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Skream - Album Launch Party

Defo Landing at this Dubstep event !

free entry
What More Could You Ask For ???


from on Vimeo.
This video OK but not as good as Champion
I like the tune doe...

I dont know what to say about this video or song...
But good to see T-Pain back making more tunes

is T-Wayne the new CRS ?

Monday, 25 August 2008


I'am pissed like urine (sorry about the pun) i don't know how it happened : (

Bad times

ps...i may leave it Shamz didnt notice it Lol

Sunday, 24 August 2008

London Sneaker/Streetwear stores - Map on Google

A Google user has made a map of all the Big Sneaker/Streetwear stores in London ! check it out

Check out the Street wear map of London and see if you have missed any stores out i know i have

its helpful know some times u lose your way round Lol

The map has DPMHI, The Hideout, Imperious Rex and Supra just to name a few

Friday, 22 August 2008

John Legend f. Andre 3000 - Greenlight / Ne-Yo - Miss Independent #2 Single

Some New Videos i have just seen !

Their both good i feel !

nice girls as well :D

Me 'n' Kev out and about in LDN

Last week Me and my mate Kev
were bored so we just went out with no plan in mind
First stop was of cause Walthamstow
watched a few mins of the Olympics

I bumped into my cuzzi and my friendRoss 'n' J (Invite Plz) LOl

We left them to go get the new RWD mag then when we were on are way back we meet Corono
His Flickr is he asked to take a photo of us because he was taking photos in the whole of Walthamstow this is the photoI love no homo this photo man

Afterwards i got a text from Jason about some Nike Pop Up Store in Shoreditch / Hoxton area
I fort might as well go check it out so we jumped on the Victoria Line while on the train i saw this

its true

Dunks was the code of that day

we checked out GoodhooD they got some sick pieces in there btw
Kev got talking to the Main Guy in there about the Industry and all that
while i was on phone talking to my house mates about getting internet and everything for house in sep (i cant wait)
Out side GoodhooD i saw this sick piece of work
The guy in Goodhood Pointed us in the direction of the Nike Pop Up Store but he didnt really know where it was
it tock us like 15 mins to find it
then we finally found it on Bateman's Row
so we get there it wrent even open to the public or nothing they were still getting everything ready for the first opening the next day so we walked in bumped into Q safe guy spoke to him for a while

here are some photos of the store sorry i got a bit trigger happy with the cam Lol
The Nike ID part of the store

Nike Pop Up Store team

Me chillaxing i dont know why the hood is so over my head...

@ the end we went back home

ps...i will be uploading the photo;s of the Trapstar event !