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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Paper Jam @ 03.02 in the morning - HP printer - C4280

The HP Photosmart C4280 is an all-in-one printer that features a scanner. If your display screen shows "Paper Jam," the current print job may not be able to finish. There are two possible places for a paper jam: the rear paper-feed roller or the front paper-feed roller. HP recommends checking the rear paper-feed roller first, as it's the likely place for a paper jam. If no jam exists, you should then check the front.

Access the HP printer's rear panel. Push in the tab on the left side to open the rear-compartment door. Pull the door away to view the paper-feed rollers.

  • Examine the paper roller close up, looking for the paper jam. Grasp either side of the paper and gently pull it toward you to remove it from the paper-feed rollers. If you do not see the paper jam on the rear, move on the front; otherwise, you are finished. Position the door back in place and push it in to close it.

  • Access the front of the HP printer. Grasp the edge of the front panel and pull it down to access the front paper-feed rollers.

  • Grasp either side of the jammed paper and pull it toward you to remove the paper jam. Close the door. Press "Start" to finish the current print job and clear the error message.

  • And I am back and working wooop

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