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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Rogue Status

Look How Fast FedEx Think They Are....

I doubt they are that fast !! I am kinda angry right about...I need to go back Portsmouth and tidy up my house EVEN MORE !!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson - 1995 MTV Awards Performance HQ

This is a Must WATCH !!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

One Of The Best Quotes Ive Seen This Year !

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Trap Star are Comming back even harder than last time...This time their linking up with NYC clothing brands !!

Featured brands:
Mishka (NYC)
Trapstar (LDN)
Award Tour (NYC)
Second Son (LDN)
Staple (NYC) (LDN)
Ask Your Girl (LDN)
Benjart (LDN)
Charlatan (LDN)

iam defo landing @ this oneeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Jumping in the aiR ....

This day was jokes we planned on going bowling...of cause i got there fashionably late LOL...the employees at the bowling place said 'they had to close because there was not enuff of us to go on the bowling machines' (THEY ARE JOKERS I SAY)

ps...iam the one in the red jacket YES I AM A BOY hahahahha !!


There's no need for me to say a lot on this subject because iam sure everyone knows about it, my facebook/twitter/BB Pin/Txt's were popping off like CRAZY last night ! and i was getting phone calls as well it was nuts !

Thursday, 25 June 2009

'Sway - Blackberry Man video'

It really is all about the Blackberry now days !

The amount of Faces i noticed in this video is funny !!

Saw This In The Evening Standard Yesterday !

This is the new G1 its called the G2 (i hate the G1) @ first i really did not know what phone i wanted to get out of the Nokia E71, Blackberry or Iphone after trial and error it seemed like BlackBerry was the Winner !!

so i purchased the big daddy BOLD !

ps...That BB pin thing is sooooo good ! but allow getting pinned @ 5am in morning when i should be sleeping but NO iam pinning (the group convo's are jokes as well) as well as the voice and photo sending features on the BB Pin !

BUT LOOOK WHAT RIM DOING TO ME !! Here is the Blackberry 'Tour' its all of the berries in one from the curve to bold to storm

Check out CrackBerry Review on it

ps...iam going to wait till t-mob and google release the G3 ! THEN I JUST HAVE TO GET THAT PHONE !!

Just got an email...

Seems like Supreme are doing a little 30% off selected items on their website...
Blogged from my BlackBerry® Wireless Device

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Transformers On A Next Level

i would get one of the USB's and 100% the Watch !!

btw i went to watch the Transformers movie when i went to visit some of my mates in Brighton getting to the end of the movie (when they transformed that old transformer) i fell asleep and woke up when the lights came on IAM SOO PISSED !!

I would have if i had a job !

Blackberry Bold Back Cover the Selfridges 100 Anniversary !!

Monday, 22 June 2009

a few video's / trailers

Now this is what i call a movie called 2012 !!
IAM 100% going to watch this !! all they need to do is cause a BIG HYPE about this movie !! they the money will rain in for them !

Here we go ANOTHERRRR ghetto British movie but this time with a twist its NOT London it based in Birmingham. The cast is full of real Birmingham people, and artists from the city.
if iam being honest iam not even too sure about all these Gangster British Movies are getting boring now days if you ask me !!

I didnt even go and watch Borat !! but i might have to go watch this it LOOOKS SOO FUNNY Bruno is jokes because there is a guy in uni who looks like him which everyone calls bruno LOL !!

The Stig is Revealed...Iam not one for Top Gear i leave that to my sis and dad !! but yeh it looks like the stig Michael Schumacher i dont know if its true or not !! but interesting if you ask me !!

Lily Allen - F&*k You > Sick video...the creativity of this video is immense

After Lily's video had mad skills !! just look @ Busta's and Big Tigger's 'If you dont know now you know' skills
the music video is an interview style but still flows nicely !!

Donnaaaaaaaeo Dooonaaaaaeo

This is the Best tune on his Party Hard LP !!

and if you haven't got it...what you waiting for go get it !!

Catch Me @ Henman Hill This Week !

Tennis players (L-R) Vera Zvonareva, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Anne Keothavong and Elena Dementieva.

Its going to be a BIG ONE !!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


This is my mate's event happening
''Saturday 27th June 2009 down @ Hackney 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE''

Here is the Facebook Event

Sponsored by SFM Capital Markets Training


ACS Kings and Queens is the spectacular breakthrough Beauty and Fashion event. The inter - University beauty pageant will see 16 entrants from 8 universities strut their stuff for the crown!

In addition to this 8 aspiring fashion designers will compete also for an opportunity at London Fashion Week!!

Come and see the 16 contestants compete over a number of rounds to be crowned ACS KING AND QUEEN!!

Hosted by ACE of BBC 1Xtra
Performance from

Funmbi the Comedian
James Massiah
Plus Special Guest speakers

Filmed by FLAVA TV to be televised on "UK SWAGGER" so dress to impress!!!

Following the coronation of the new King and Queen there will be an afterparty @ Fuego's in Monument so be prepared for a night of celebration!!!


£12.50 - Standard
£17.50 - VIP

£20 - Standard plus entry to AFTERPARTY
£25 - VIP plus entry to AFTERPARTY

For tickets -






-07930 529 836

Or if your minutes are finished - PING THE ACS KINGS AND QUEENS BLACKBERRY HOTLINE - BB PIN:20E8A159


Dotstar - Stick Up Video !!

you might remember the post i did earlier this week i was talking about how i like stick up skank or dance or what ever you call it !! but here is the official video...

Dotstar - Stick Up from george on Vimeo.

Ive started packing as well getting outta Portsmouth (I CANT WAIT TO LEAVE)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

*I Know This Is Late But*....BBC Blast

right it started off with getting invited to the BBC Blast Studio private preview around May time...This was a really hectic time for me because i had so much course work due in and around that day ! so it was crazy !!

but i fort to my self i had to go to this !!

as you can tell i got there fashionable late while all of the other bloggers were outside near the London Eye just chillaxing in the sun !! there was me walking in late as ever, meet some of the bloggers as well, the studio was situated in the Topolski Studio's down near the London Eye ... Jubilee Gardens

so i meet the BBC and Blast Get Creative and 1000heads (had a drink with them after) they seemed real cool !! they explained to me about the Social Networking Sites industry

then i went into the studio it self it.... in one word Brilliant !

Here are a few Snaps....

They use this for Google Maps Street View !!

iam sorry this blog is late but there was a problem with my berry and my laptop (they was not talking to each other) but that's a whole different blog)

ps...the photos were taken via a blackberry so the photos quality is not that good !

Monday, 15 June 2009

Chase & Status - Running

'Ard !


i remember when my boy Ellis showed me this skank iam not even going to lie i didnt rate it to high !!

but when i heard it in the club yesterday its an alright tune still !


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Drake vs Kardinal Offishall ?

Drake talks about Kardinal Offishall !

ps...i didn't even know there was a madness between them !

Friday, 12 June 2009

This is How I Feel Right About Now...

while listening to ....Peven Everett - Washing < IT IS A TUNE !

Thursday, 11 June 2009

All I did yesterday was...

Chilled with luca...watched the footy...
Guitar hero on xbox is CRAPPPP btw !!

Check Out His Blog on

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Testing the blackberry email blogging thingy !!

This is wall paper on my phone ! Portsmouth beach !!

TrapStar x CandyStore... Instore and Afterparty

This one is going to be a BIG ONEEE !! SOO DONT MISS OUT !!

the Invasion into the store and also a after party on the 20TH OF JUNE !! 2009

Here is the FaceBook Event Page

There will also be a selection of signed and numbered prints on sale, and ive been hearing about a Trapstar vs Candy store Street Fighter grudge match… (Ian to win) LOL jokesss !!

""-This is for the London Peoples–

As you should’ve seen, we had a bit of a technicality on the first batch of e-mails, so you’ve gotta re-do it if you ain’t already send your contact details through;

It’s first come first serve, so be quick! We leave Central London at about 7, reaching Birmingham intime to catch the afterparty business, which promises to be live.

With Martelo, DJ Yasmin and Aizi Robinson representing London on the decks - they’ll join Jerm2, Knicker Bocker Corey, Standfast & Somantix on the line up. Something for everyone…hip-hop…dubstep…funky…electro…just whatever you want. As long as you dont get picky and ask for japanese minimalist house, we got you!

We’re coming back same night, so prepare yourself for some early morning antics on the trip back lol

Also, look out for an upcoming funky mix by Aizi Robinson - which’ll be presented directly through Trapstar. Definitely one to keep ears/eyes open for."" (Trap Star Blog)

to get in contact with Trap Star Hit them up on Facebook or via their website

My New Kick's Purchase !!

These are my new kicks ....

in the words of Bashy - CATCH ME IF YOU CAN !!

Big Up Kesh_Kick as well !

Check Out Her Blog on

(((Her Blog is all about Kicks !!)))

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The One Item that Got Me Thru Exams and Course Work !

XBox 360 - Project Natal vs New PSP vs Nintendo Kuro Wii...

iam not even going to lie to you guys i gave up on the whole Computer Consoles thing a long long time ago...i am happy with my Game Boy/Game Boy Advance/N64/SNES/PSP/PS1/PS2/Dream Cast and last but not least Mega Drive (and add on's)

but from viewing the Project Natal I may just need to get one (IN THEIR WORDS YOUR THE CONTROLLER) how crazy is that !! AND maybe not the new PSP i might just get the DS...The Nintendo Kuro Wii just reminds me of the black x box (i don't know what its called) but i must say playing with the wii is sick !!

but here is the video and imagine !!


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Kanye West - Spaceship f. Consequence & GLC (Video)

Yehhh Sooooo 2nd year has finished its all good !!

last exam was today @ 4.15-6.15 so happy iam out of that room it was soo hot in there it was crazy

but i just saw this video

Kinda a deep video

Kanye does it againnnnnnnnnnn